Terms Of Trade

Terms of Trade

Terms of Trade are often overlooked by small businesses because they either consider them unnecessary or simply too expensive to have drawn up by a lawyer. Nexus Collections can offer you a tailored terms of trade document at a cost that you can’t afford not to consider.

If we told you that between $500.00 – $800.00 could secure you a solid credit application with terms of trade to match, along with a comprehensive Directors Guarantee document customised to your business with your logo’s – what would you say?

Typically that’s about what is costs to purchase the comfort and security that proper enforceable terms of trade offers.

Are you familiar with the requirements that the Personal Property Securities Act (PPSA) has now imposed on your business. Without properly drafted terms of trade, your old “retention of title” clause will be useless under the new legislation.

If your needs are particularly complex, we will introduce you to our solicitors who will offer you a fixed price quote to prepare rock solid terms of trade to meet your businesses needs.

The PPSA has changed the way businesses transact with each other. You just cant ignore this critical part of process of providing credit to your customers.

If you need new terms of trade or your current terms reviewed, let’s talk.