Small business debt recovery on the Gold Coast

Commercial Debt Collection

Slow paying debtors are one of the greatest concerns for every business that offers credit to its customers and the cash flow headache that results can be a nightmare.

Many Gold Coast debt collectors promise the highest possible success rates available in Australia, but how are you going to measure if that’s really the case? We simply state that if the debt is collectable, our team will work around the clock to achieve the best outcome for your business. This isn’t an ambitious claim – just plain fact.

We are well-versed in dealing with small business debt recovery It’s our specialty, and we’re all too well aware of the delay strategies and excuses that people use to avoid paying their creditors.

Trust our Gold Coast debt collectors to get the job done

The world of small business debt recovery on the Gold Coast is a vastly different place. For many businesses, the challenges of the current economic climate are resulting in them using your money to fund their operations, and the Gold Coast debt debtors will simply wait until you sue them before they push you to the front of the creditor’s queue.

Through our connections with a leading Queensland law firm and our network of professional experts across the country, we provide an end-to-end solution to our clients. We remain the conduit between our client and those advisers for the entire journey.

We remove uncertainty by offering a competitive fixed price package on all undefended legal action. We’ll quote you upfront the cost of filing your claim, serving the documents and obtaining your judgment. As long as the matter isn’t defended this is all that you will pay to obtain a judgment. Once you have your judgment we can discuss the enforcement options available to you.

As well-respected small business debt recovery specialists in Brisbane, we are completely confident that we have the most cost-effective debt collection solution available in the market today. Since 1994 we have a demonstrated track record of success helping businesses of all sizes stay on top of overdue debtors.

Receivables Management

Receivables Management

“My only regret was not doing this years ago”

Tim Nelson Owner, TPR MEDIA

This highly cost effective service provides an opportunity for business owners to hand over their entire debtor collections process along with all the headaches that come with managing this complex and often challenging job.

Our receivables management solution allows your entire debtors ledger to be professionally managed by a Nexus Collections account manager in our office using our resources, saving you time and money.

With our unique operating model, your customers will never know that you have outsourced your receivables management process. Your Nexus account manager becomes an extension of your business, the only difference is that you don’t have any of the complexities or the costs associated with employing staff.

There are no commissions to pay, no wages, no super, no annual leave, in fact none of the responsibilities that come with employing staff. We review your debtors ledger and provide you with a quote for a fixed monthly fee with no long term commitments. You have nothing to lose, except for the stress of looking after your debtors.

We’ve been doing this for nearly 20 years, the system is time-tested and the results speak for themselves. We are more than happy to offer you the names of any of our clients who use our receivables management solution. They all love it and so will you.

Terms Of Trade

Terms of Trade

Terms of Trade are often not looked at closely enough by small businesses because they either think they are unnecessary or are too expensive to have created by a lawyer. Nexus Collections can offer a tailored terms of trade document at a cost that you can’t afford not to consider.

If we told you that between $500.00 – $800.00 could give you a solid credit application with terms of trade to match, along with a comprehensive Directors Guarantee document customised to your business with your logo’s – what would you say?

Typically that’s about what it costs to purchase the comfort and security that proper enforceable terms of trade offers.

Are you familiar with the requirements that the Personal Property Securities Act (PPSA) has now imposed on your business? Without properly drafted terms of trade, your old “retention of title” clause will be useless under the new legislation.

If your needs are particularly complex, we will introduce you to our solicitors who will offer you a fixed price quote to prepare rock solid terms of trade to meet your businesses needs.

If you need new terms of trade or your current terms reviewed, let’s talk.