Commercial Debt Collection Brisbane

Commercial Debt Collection

Slow paying debtors are one of the greatest concerns for every business that offers credit to its customers and the cash flow headache that results can be a nightmare.

Most debt collection agencies will boast the highest success rates in the country, but how on earth do you measure that result? We simply say that if the debt is collectable, we will do everything within our power collect it. Not a grand statement, just a plain fact.

We deal with commercial debtors every day, it’s our specialty, and we’re all too well aware of the delay tactics that people use to avoid paying their creditors.

Todays commercial debt collection world is a vastly different place to 5 years ago, for many businesses, working capital has dried up, and the availability of bank funding has all but disappeared. As a consequence, they’re using your money to fund their operations, and the die hard debtors, will simply wait until you sue them before they push you to the front of the creditors queue.

Through our partnership with a leading Queensland Law Firm and our network of professional advisors across the country we provide the complete solution to our clients and we remain the conduit between our client and those advisers for the life of the job.

We remove the unknown by offering a competitive fixed price package on all undefended legal action. We will quote you up front the cost of filing your claim, serving the documents and obtaining your judgment. Provided the matter is not defended by the other party, this is all that you will pay to obtain a judgment. Once you have your judgment we can discuss the enforcement options available to you.

We are completely confident that we have the most cost effective debt collection solution available in the market today. If however you find a legitimate advertised offer cheaper somewhere else, we’ll happily match it, in fact we’ll knock another 10% off it for good measure ! So, if you see an advertised rate of say 10% and is cheaper than our rate on a like for like basis, we’ll do that same job at 9.00% for you, no uestions asked. Go ahead, put us to the test.