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Okay, we’re ready to send a collection job through, please below and then fill in the details about the debt to be collected… Remember, you must have completed our registration process before you can lodge debts with us for collection. If you haven’t already registered, click here now it only takes a minute or two. 

The more you tell us about the debt, the better prepared we will be when we make contact with the debtor. If the debt is disputed you need to explain to us what the dispute is about and what your position is, what proof do you have that negates the argument that the debtor is making.

Please complete all of the fields with as much information as you have and this will help us turn the job around quickly resulting in your getting paid sooner.

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By submitting this request I acknowledge that I have read and agreed to Nexus Collections Pty Ltd terms of trade. I further state that I can prove if required, that this debt is owed by the debtor and where I have added debt collection costs to the amount claimed, I have a signed agreement with the debtor allowing me to do so. Please tick below to confirm then click the Submit button.

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