Sparking local business recovery

As Queensland returns to almost normal social and business conditions, we hope to see even more economic activity for our small and medium size businesses, especially those that have been struggling since April. While we’re seeing the sparks of business recovery, there are warning signs that the coming months will still be challenging for SMEs – […]

Doing business with a trust entity

Did you know that a trust is not a legal entity for the purpose of enforcing a debt? This means it can be incredibly difficult, and sometimes simply impossible, to enforce a debt unless you know the name of the trustee of the trust. When you receive a credit application, or signed terms and conditions, […]

Post September 2020 – Are you ready ?

  It seems like we’ve been in something of a time warp over the past 3 months, but let’s not forget that legislation introduced by the Morrison government, effectively offering a safe harbour for struggling business will be over in less than 90 days. The statutory demand and insolvency safe harbour measures will end on […]

Debt Collection During Covid-19 – It’s okay to expect to be paid….

The Coronavirus pandemic has presented businesses with all sorts of challenges, not the least of which is maintaining cash flow. While you might think of it as a last resort, engaging a debt recovery specialist like Nexus Collections to help you get paid could make a big difference in these difficult times – like keeping staff […]