Client Testimonials

In response to news about a large recovery that we had just completed: “That’s such good news. Thank you, all your hard work has paid off. I cant stop jumping up and down, I’m so excited…”


MichelleSignwriting Business

Thanks for your support this year Steve, I dont know how you guys do it but you do.
Got some more for you in the new year…


MarkMulching Industry

As a matter of interest, you have handled almost $90K’s worth of debts for us since 2011, with a 94% collection success rate – we couldn’t be happier with your service!


ChristineAccounts Manager, Surveying Industry

Thanks for your persistence on this one Robert, this guy was just a complete (censored) and I thought I’d done my dough. Don’t know how you found him or how you extracted the money out of him but top effort anyway mate


JanelleTransport Company Owner

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